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JoVE Video for AFM Cantilever functionalization
JoVE Video: Using Three-color Single-molecule FRET to Study the Correlation of Protein Interactions


Tschaikowsky, M., Brander, S., Balzer, B. N., Rolauffs, B., & Hugel, T.
Proof-of-concept for the detection of early osteoarthritis pathology by endomicroscopy
bioRxiv, 734368 (2019)

M. Marczynski, B. N. Balzer, K. Jiang, T. M. Lutz, T. Croupier, O. Lieleg
Charged Glycan Residues Critically Contribute to the Adsorption and Lubricity of Mucins
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2019), in press

A. Kolberg, Ch. Wenzel, Th. Hugel, M. Gallei, B. N. Balzer
Covalent Attachment of Single Molecules for AFM-based Force Spectroscopy
Journal of Visualized Experiments 2019, accepted.

Adrianna Kolberg, Christiane Wenzel, Klara Hackenstrass, Richard Schwarzl, Christian Rüttiger, Thorsten Hugel, Markus Gallei, Roland R. Netz, and Bizan N. Balzer
Opposing temperature dependence of the stretching response of single PEG and PNiPAM polymers
JACS (2019) in press

Hannes Schafer, Adrianna Kolberg, Michael Gockeln, Robert Kun, Bizan N. Balzer, Katharina Koschek
Influence of free PCL in PCL/PBA-a copolymers and blends on morphology, thermo-mechanical and shape memory properties
Polymer Testing (2019)

Sofia Brander, Thomas Jank, Thorsten Hugel
AFM Imaging Suggests Receptor-Free Penetration of Lipid Bilayers by Toxins
Langmuir (ACS Publications): 35, 2, 365-371 (2019)


Björn Hellenkamp , Johann Thurn, Martina Stadlmeier, Thorsten Hugel
Kinetics of Transient Protein Complexes Determined via Diffusion-Independent Microfluidic Mixing and Fluorescence Stoichiometry
J. Phys. Chem. B (2018)

Katarzyna M. Tych, Markus Jahn, Florian Gegenfurtner, Vera K. Hechtl, Johannes Buchner, Thorsten Hugel, Matthias Rief
Nucleotide-Dependent Dimer Association and Dissociation of the Chaperone Hsp90
J. Phys. Chem. B (2018)

Björn Hellenkamp, Sonja Schmid, et int.,Thorsten Hugel
Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements—a multi-laboratory benchmark study
Nature Methods,15, pages 669–676 (2018)
Open access:

W. Ye, M. Götz, et int., T. Hugel, C. Sönnichsen
Conformational Dynamics of a Single Protein Monitored for 24 h at Video Rate
Nano Lett., 18 (10), pp 6633–6637 (2018)
Open access:

M. Jahn, K. Tych, H. Girstmair, M. Steinmaßl, T. Hugel, M. Rief
Folding and Domain Interactions of Three Orthologs of Hsp90 Studied by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy
Structure 26 (1), 96-10 (2018)

S. Schmid, M. Götz, T. Hugel
Effects of inhibitors on Hsp90's conformational dynamics, cochaperone and client interactions
ChemPhysChem, 19,17 (2018) DOI:10.1002/cphc.201800342

S. Schmid, T. Hugel
Efficient use of single molecule time traces to resolve kinetic rates, models and uncertainties
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 148, 123312 (2018)

Götz, M., Wortmann, P., Schmid, S., Hugel, T.
Using Three-color Single-molecule FRET to Study the Correlation of Protein Interactions
J. Vis. Exp. (131), e56896 (2018)


P. Wortmann, M. Götz, T. Hugel
Cooperative Nucleotide Binding in Hsp90 and Its Regulation by Aha1
Biophysical Journal 113, 1711–1718, October 17, (2017)

B. Winkeljann, K. Boettcher, B. N. Balzer, O. Lieleg
Mucin Coatings Prevent Tissue Damage at the Cornea–Contact Lens Interface
Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 1700186 (2017)

S. Liese, M. Gensler, S. Krysiak, R. Schwarzl, A. Achazi, B. Paulus, T. Hugel, J. Rabe and R. Netz
Hydration Effects Turn a Highly Stretched Polymer from an Entropic into an Energetic Spring
ACS Nano 11 (1), pp 702–712 (2017)

Hellenkamp, B., Wortmann, P., Kandzia, F., Zacharias, M. & Hugel, T.
Multidomain structure and correlated dynamics determined by self-consistent FRET networks
Nat Methods 14(2):174-180 (2017)


K. Boettcher; S. Kienle; J. Nachtsheim; R. Burgkart; T. Hugel and O. Lieleg
The structure and mechanical properties of articular cartilage are highly resilient towards transient dehydration
Acta Biomaterialia, 29, 180-187 (2016)

Götz, M., Wortmann, P., Schmid, S. & Hugel, T.
A Multicolor Single-Molecule FRET Approach to Study Protein Dynamics and Interactions Simultaneously
Methods Enzymol 581, 487-516 (2016)

S. Schmid, M. Götz, T. Hugel
Single-Molecule Analysis beyond Dwell Times: Demonstration and Assessment in and out of Equilibrium
Biophysical Journal 111, 1375–1384, October 4, (2016)

F. Stetter, S-H. Hyun, S. Brander, J. Urban, D. Thompson, T. Hugel
Nanomechanical characterization of lipid bilayers with AFM-based methods
Polymer, vol. 102, pp. 326-332 (2016) Link

N. Schwierz, S. Krysiak, T. Hugel, M. Zacharias
Mechanism of Reversible Peptide-Bilayer Attachment: Combined Simulation and Experimental Single-Molecule Study
Langmuir (ACS Publications), 32, 810-821 (2016) [Download]

M. Jahn, J. Buchner, T. Hugel, M. Rief
Folding and assembly of the large molecular machine Hsp90 studied in single-molecule experiments
PNAS, vol. 113, nr. 5, 1232–1237 (2016)

B.N. Balzer and T. Hugel
Single-Molecule Detection and Manipulation.
In: Saleem Hashmi (editor-in-chief); Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. Oxford: Elsevier pp. 1-19 (2016)


B. Kracke, J. Cole, C. Kaiser, B. Hellenkamp, S. Krysiak, A. Ghoorchian, G. Braun, N. Holland, T. Hugel
Thermoswitchable Nanoparticles Based on Elastin-like Polypeptides
Macromolecules, 48 (16), 5868–5877 (2015) Link:

S. Kienle, K. Boettcher, L. Wiegleb, J. Urban, R. Burgkart, O. Lieleg, T. Hugel
Comparison of friction and wear of articular cartilage on different length scales
Journal of Biomechanics, 48, 12, 3052–3058 (2015) Link:

S. Krysiak, Q. Wei, K. Rischka, A. Hartwig, R. Haag, T. Hugel
Adsorption mechanism and valency of catechol-functionalized hyperbranched polyglycerols
Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 11, 828-836 (2015)

F. Stetter, S. Kienle, S. Krysiak, T. Hugel
Investigating Single Molecule Adhesion by Atomic Force Spectroscopy
Jove, 96, e52456 (2015)


C. Ratzke, B. Hellenkamp, T. Hugel
Four-colour FRET reveals directionality in the Hsp90 multicomponent machinery
Nature Communications 5:4192 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms5192 (2014)
Research Highlight:
Four-color FRET follows Hsp90 states
Nature Methods 11, 791 (2014)

M. Jahn, A. Rehn, B. Pelz, B. Hellenkamp, K. Richter, M. Rief, J. Buchner and T. Hugel
The charged linker of the molecular chaperone Hsp90 modulates domain contacts and biological function
PNAS 111 (50) 17881-17886 (2014)

S. Schwenkert, T. Hugel & M. B. Cox
The Hsp90 ensemble: coordinated Hsp90–cochaperone complexes regulate diverse cellular processes
NSMB, vol. 21, 12, 1021 (2014)

S. Krysiak, S. Liese, R. R. Netz and T. Hugel
Peptide Desorption Kinetics from Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Studies
JACS, 136, 688 (2014)

B. Balzer, S. Kienle, M, Gallei, R. von Klitzing, M. Rehahn & T. Hugel
Stick-Slip Mechanisms at the Nanoscale
Soft Materials, Volume 12, Supplement 1, November 2014, p. 106

Wei, Q.; Krysiak, S.; Achazi, K.; Becherer, T.; Noeske, P.-L. M.; Paulus, F.; Liebe, H.; Grunwald, I.; Dernedde, J.; Hartwig, A.; Hugel, T.; Haag, R.
Multivalent anchored and crosslinked hyperbranched polyglycerol monolayers as antifouling coating for titanium oxide surfaces
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 122, 684 (2014)

F. W. S. Stetter, L. Cwiklik, P. Jungwirth, T. Hugel
Single Lipid Extraction: The Anchoring Strength of Cholesterol in Liquid-Ordered and Liquid-Disordered Phases
Biophysical Journal, 107 (5), 1167 (2014)

S. Kienle, M. Gallei, H. Yu, B. Zhang, S. Krysiak, B. N. Balzer, M. Rehahn, A. D. Schlüter, and T. Hugel
Effect of Molecular Architecture on Single Polymer Adhesion
Langmuir, 30 (15), 4351–4357 (2014)

C. Lumme et al.
Nucleotides and Substrates Trigger the Dynamics of the Toc34 GTPase Homodimer Involved in Chloroplast Preprotein Translocation
Structure, 22, 1–13 ( 2014)

J. Elbert , F. Krohm , C. Rüttiger , S. Kienle , H. Didzoleit ,B. N. Balzer , T. Hugel , B. Stühn , M. Gallei, and A. Brunsen
Polymer-Modified Mesoporous Silica Thin Films for Redox-Mediated Selective Membrane Gating
Adv. Funct. Mater., 24, 1591 (2014)

Samira Hertrich, Frank Stetter, Adrian Rühm, Thorsten Hugel and Bert Nickel
Highly Hydrated Deformable Polyethylene Glycol-Tethered Lipid Bilayers
Langmuir, 30 (31), pp 9442–9447 (2014)


B. N. Balzer, M. Gallei, K. Sondergeld, M. Schindler, P. Müller-Buschbaum, M. Rehahn, T. Hugel
Cohesion Mechanisms of Polystyrene-Based Thin Polymer Films
Macromolecules, 46 (18), 7406 (2013)

B.N. Balzer, S. Micciulla, S. Dodoo, M. Zerball, M. Gallei, M Rehahn, R. v. Klitzing and T. Hugel
Adhesion Property Profiles of Supported Thin Polymer Films
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2013) [Download]

B. N. Balzer, M. Gallei, M. Hauf, M. Stallhofer, L. Wiegleb, A. Holleitner, M. Rehahn, T. Hugel
Nanoscale Friction Mechanisms at Solid–Liquid Interfaces
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 52,25, 6541 (2013) Link:
Reibungsmechanismen auf der Nanoskala an Fest-flüssig-Grenzflächen
Angew. Chem. 2013, 125, 6670 (2013)

M. Khaneft, B. Stühn, J. Engstler, H. Tempel, J. Schneider, T. Pirzer, T. Hugel
Imbibition of polystyrene melts in aligned carbon nanotube arrays
J. Appl. Phys., 113, 074305 (2013)

S. Kienle, T. Pirzer, S. Krysiak, M. Geisler, T. Hugel
Measuring the interaction between ions, biopolymers and interfaces – one polymer at a time
Faraday Disc, 160, 329 (2013)

Frank Stetter, Thorsten Hugel
The nanomechanical properties of Lipid Membranes are significantly influenced by the presence of Ethanol
Biophys. J., 104, 1049 (2013)

S. Dodoo, B. N. Balzer, T. Hugel, A. Laschewsky, R.v. Klitzing
Effect of ionic strength and layer number on swelling of polyelectrolyte multilayers in water vapour
Soft Materials, 11:2, 157-164 (2013)


N. Schwierz, D. Horinek, S. Liese, T. Pirzer, B. Balzer, T. Hugel, R. Netz
On the relationship between peptide adsorption resistance and surface contact angle: A combined experimental and simulation single-molecule study
JACS, 134, 19628 (2012)

C. Ratzke, M. N. T. Nguyen, M. P. Mayer, T. Hugel
From a Ratchet Mechanism to Random Fluctuations Evolution of Hsp90's Mechanochemical Cycle
J.Mol.Biol. (2012), 423,3,462 (2012)

S. Kienle, S. Liese, N. Schwierz, R.R. Netz, T.Hugel
The effect of temperature on single polypeptide adsorption
ChemPhysChem 2012, 982 - 989(2012) Link: [download]

C. Ratzke, F. Berkemeier and T. Hugel
Hsp90's mechano-chemical cycle is dominated by thermal fluctuations
PNAS, 109, 161–166(2012) Link: [download]

B.N. Balzer, T. Hugel
Surface & Interface Characterization: Single Molecule Detection & Manipulation
Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference; Elsevier: Amsterdam; pp 629-645 (2012)


D. Staple, M. Geisler, T. Hugel, L. Kreplak, H. Kreuzer
Forced desorption of polymers from interfaces
New Journal of Physcis, 13, 013025(2011) Link: [download]

Sonja Schmid, Thorsten Hugel
Regulatory Posttranslational Modifications in Hsp90 Can Be Compensated by Cochaperone Aha1
Molecular Cell, 41 (6), 619-620(2011) Link: [download]


M. Geisler, S. B. Xiao, E. M. Puchner, F. Gräter, T. Hugel
Controlling the Structure of Proteins at Surfaces
JACS, 132, 17277 - 17281(2010) Link: [download]

C. Ratzke, M. Mickler, B. Hellenkamp, J. Buchner, T. Hugel
The dynamics of Hsp90 C-terminal dimerization is an important part of its conformational cycle
PNAS, 107, 16101 - 1630(2010) Link: [download]

T. Hugel, C. Lumme
Bio-inspired novel design principles for artificial molecular motors
Curr. Opin. Biotechnol., 21, 683 - 689(2010) Link: [download}

I. Amin, M. Steenackers, N. Zhang, A. Beyer, X. Zhang, T. Pirzer, T. Hugel, R. Jordan, A. Gölzhäuser
Polymer Carpets
Small, 6, 1623 - 1630(2010) Link: [download]

M. Geisler, T. Hugel
Aging of Hydrogenated and Oxidized Diamond
Adv. Mater., 22, 398 (2010)

M. Geisler, R. Netz, T. Hugel
Pulling a single molecule off a substrate reveals binding thermodynamics of cosolutes
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 49, 4730 - 4733 (2010)


M. Geisler, B.N. Balzer, T. Hugel
Polymer Adhesion at the Solid–Liquid Interface Probed by a Single–Molecule Force Sensor
Small, 5, 24, 2864 (2009)

M. Geisler, D. Horinek, T. Hugel
Single Molecule Adhesion Mechanics on Rough Surfaces
Macromolecules, 42, 23, 9338 (2009)

T. Pirzer, T. Hugel
Adsorption Mechanism of Polypeptides and Their Location at Hydrophobic Interfaces
ChemPhysChem, 10, 16, 2795 (2009

T. Pirzer, T. Hugel
AFM spring constant determination in viscous liquids
Rev. Sci. Instrum., 80, 035110 (2009)

T. Pirzer, M. Geisler, T. Scheibel, T. Hugel
Single molecule force measurements delineate salt, pH and surface effects on Biopolymer Adhesion
Phys.Biol., 6, 025004 (2009)

M. Mickler, M. Hessling, C. Ratzke, J. Buchner, T. Hugel
The large conformational changes of Hsp90 are only weakly coupled to ATP-hydrolysis
Nat.Struct.Mol.Biol. 16, 281 (2009)


M. Mickler, E. Schleiff, T. Hugel
From biological towards artificial molecular motors
ChemPhysChem, 9, 1503 (2008)

D. Horinek, A. Serr, M. Geisler, T. Pirzer, U. Slotta,S. Q. Lud, J. A. Garrido, T. Scheibel, T. Hugel, R. R. Netz
Peptide adsorption on a hydrophobic surface results from an interplay of solvation, surface, and intrapeptide forces
PNAS, 105, 2842 (2008)

M. Geisler, T. Pirzer, C. Ackerschott, S. Lud, J. Garrido, T. Scheibel, T. Hugel
Influence of Hofmeister Salts on the adhesion of spider silk proteins onto hydrophobic substrates: an AFM-based single molecule study
Langmuir, 24, 1350 (2008)

M. Mickler, T. Hugel
Von molekularen Motoren zu künstlichen Nanomaschinen
Physik in unserer Zeit, 1, 14 (2008)


T. Hugel, J. Michaelis, C. Hetherington, P. J. Jardine, S. Grimes, J. M. Walter, W. Falk, D. L. Anderson, C. Bustamante
Experimental Test of Connector Rotation during DNA Packaging into Bacteriophage phi29 Capsids
PLoS Biol 5(3): e59 (2007)


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Elasticity of Poly(azobenzene-peptides)
Macromolecules 39, 789 (2006)


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Phase contrast and DIC illumination for AFM hybrids
Ultramicroscopy 104, 255 (2005)

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Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 048301 (2005)


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Macromolecules 36, 2015 (2003)

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Ein lichtgetriebener Molekülmotor
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Steps in the formation of the partially crystalline state
Polymer ,41, 8839 (2000)


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Steps in the transition of an entangled polymer melt to the partially crystalline state
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Building lamellae from blocks: The pathway followed in the formation of crystallites of syndiotactic polypropylene
Acta Polymerica, 50, 214 (1999)