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Single molecule methods are essential for a thorough understanding of complex biological processes.They allow real time observation of molecular machines at work and their specific manipulation. Results of such experiments yield new insights into problems from fundamental physics at the nano-scale to the development of new drugs.

Methodologically we focus on single molecule multicolour FRET, optical tweezers and single molecule force spectroscopy based on AFM.

The multidisciplinarity of our research requires close collaborations with colleagues in biology, biochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and physics.The results of the following projects are particularly relevant for:

  • Mechanism of Molecular Machines and their control (e.g. with drugs)
  • Single polymer adhesion and friction at interfaces
  • Understanding of signalling in biological systems
  • Protein folding and misfolding (e.g. hydrophobic effect, amyloid formation)
  • Biocompatibility of materials and coatings
  • Stimuli responsive biomaterials
  • Fundamental physics at the nano-scale at low Reynolds numbers



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PhD position
Cellular team playersAllgemeine Informationen zu Prakitka
"FRET an humanem Hsp90"
Friction in the nano-worldSS 2016
"Hsp90 Fluoreszenz
in lebenden Zellen"
Single molecule adhesion by AFM

"Interaction of polystyrene
with model membranes"



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