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Benedikt Sohmen

Benedikt SohmenPhD student


Institute of Physical Chemistry

Albertstraße 21

79104 Freiburg


Phone: +49 761 203-6228

Room:  01.002  1.OG Flachbau





  • Structure and dynamics in a chaperone system
  • Single molecule Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Microfluidics









C. Beck, M. Grimaldo, F. Roosen-Runge, R. Maier, O. Matsarskaia, M. Braun, B. Sohmen, O. Czakkel, R. Schweins, F. Zhang, T. Seydel, and F. Schreiber.
Following protein dynamics in real-time during crystallization
Cryst. Growth Des. 19 (2019) 7036




B. Sohmen, S. Wolf, J. Thurn, B. Hellenkamp, G. Stock, T. Hugel

Allosteric action in Hsp90: From nucleotide binding to domain rearrangement

Methods and Application of Fluorescence Conference, August 20-24, 2019, La Jolla, California

Poster presentation, ChemPhotoChem poster award


B. Sohmen, J. Thurn, A. Anandamurugan, A. Holovchenko, B. Hermann, T. Hugel

Every individuum counts: The many faces of single-molecule FRET

Tag der Forschung, July 5, 2019, Freiburg

Poster presentation


B. Sohmen, S. Wolf, B. Hellenkamp, G. Stock, T. Hugel

Allosteric action of nucleotides on the Hsp90 dimer

9th Hsp90 Meeting, October 17-21, 2018, Leysin, Switzerland

Poster presentation


B. Sohmen, M. Mikorski, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber

Real-time observation of non-classical protein crystallisation

DPG Spring Meeting, March 14-19, 2017, Dresden

Oral presentation


B. Sohmen, A. Sauter, F. Zhang, F. Schreiber

Nonclassical crystallisation in the Presence of Multivalent Ions

DPG Spring Meeting, March 3-11, 2016, Regensburg

Poster presentation