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Abhinaya Anandamurugan

A. AbhinayaPhD student


Institute of Physical Chemistry

Albertstraße 21

79104 Freiburg


Phone: +49 761 203-6187
Room:  01.006 Flachbau



A protein folding enthusiast. Everything about science and technology excites me to the highest energy level. Warning! This is contagious and might cause a natural resonance effect, leading to a non-radiative (enthusiastic) energy transfer.

Stuff that picks my brain (for now):

• How to see dynamics of biomolecules inside living organisms.
• Love building stuff that look into nanospace, outerspace, camera space. JUST SPACE things!
• Anything cool and mysterious that science hasn't figured out yet.

Education to know-how:

Behind the scenes...
• Voracious reader - non-fiction anyone?
• Mentoring TU Dresden team for BIOMOD (Biomolecular Design Competition), Harvard, USA – I, Nanobot.
• Part of  IGEM 2015 (International Genetically Engineered Machines), MIT, USA. Team TU Dresden, SPACE-P

Examples on what researchers are suppose to do:
• Georg Krainer, Andreas Hartmann, Abhinaya Anandamurugan, Pablo Gracia, Sandro Keller, Michael Schlierf, Ultrafast Protein Folding in Membrane-Mimetic Environments, In Journal of Molecular Biology, 2017.
• Conference poster: Ultrafast protein folding through polar interactions in membrane-mimetic environments (Travel grant awarded). Meeting of German and Czech Molecular Biophysics, Hünfeld, 2017.
• Presentation and Poster: iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machines) competition, Giant Jamboree, MIT, USA. Project: Space-p (Structural Page Assisted continuous evolution of proteins). Bronze category.
• Article: Abhinaya A, Pervasive Transcription, Current Science, 2011, Vol. 100 No. 2, pp 628 -629.
• Conference poster: Thirunavukkarasu, P., A. Abhinaya, S. Sekar, S. Malarvannan, V.R. Prabavathy and N SudhaNair. “Microbial population and soil enzymatic activity in rhizosphere soils of rice cultivated by SRI method.” 2nd Indian youth Science Congress. SRM University, Chennai. 2010.
• Conference poster: Modelling and Docking studies on iPGM of Wucheria bancrofti, National technical conference in on Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology (CGYPSYS ’08), IISC, Bangalore, India. 2008.