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Abhinaya Anandamurugan

A. AbhinayaPhD student


Institute of Physical Chemistry

Albertstraße 23 a

79104 Freiburg


Phone: +49 761 203-6187
Fax:     +49 761 203-6189

Room:  2003, 2nd floor



A protein folding enthusiast. Everything about science and technology excites me to the highest energy level. Warning! This is contagious and might cause a natural resonance effect, leading to a non-radioactive (enthusiastic) energy transfer.

Stuff that picks my brain:
• How protein's structure, dynamics leads to function have always piqued my interest. I'm now particularly focused on understanding the conformational dynamics of Hsp90 inside cells. Hsp90 having been studied well for the past 30 years or so; still there seems to be a lot of work to be done that attributes to what we see in invitro studies and to correlate with the conformations changes that happen invivo.
• Prime investigations include co-chaperone interactions, Hsp90 dynamics during cell stress.
• Currently working with a custom-built objective TIRF setup optimized to study single molecule FRET of proteins within cells, fitted with a CO2 incubation chamber for long duration live cell studies.

Education to know-how:

Behind the scenes...
• Voracious reader in the genre of science, science-fiction and non-fiction. (An ardent Harry potter fan!! refer fig.1 for proof)
• Mentoring TU Dresden team for BIOMOD (Biomolecular Design Competition), Harvard, USA – I, Nanobot.
• IGEM 2015 (International Genetically Engineered Machines), team of TU Dresden SPACE-P

Fig 1. 'The chamber of Secrets' the place where all the invivo magic happens.

Examples on what researchers are suppose to do:
• Georg Krainer, Andreas Hartmann, Abhinaya Anandamurugan, Pablo Gracia, Sandro Keller, Michael Schlierf, Ultrafast Protein Folding in Membrane-Mimetic Environments, In Journal of Molecular Biology, 2017.
• Conference poster: Ultrafast protein folding through polar interactions in membrane-mimetic environments (Travel grant awarded). Meeting of German and Czech Molecular Biophysics, Hünfeld, 2017.
• Presentation and Poster: iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machines) competition, Giant Jamboree, MIT, USA. Project: Space-p (Structural Page Assisted continuous evolution of proteins). Bronze category.
• Article: Abhinaya A, Pervasive Transcription, Current Science, 2011, Vol. 100 No. 2, pp 628 -629.
• Conference poster: Thirunavukkarasu, P., A. Abhinaya, S. Sekar, S. Malarvannan, V.R. Prabavathy and N SudhaNair. “Microbial population and soil enzymatic activity in rhizosphere soils of rice cultivated by SRI method.” 2nd Indian youth Science Congress. SRM University, Chennai. 2010.
• Conference poster: Modelling and Docking studies on iPGM of Wucheria bancrofti, National technical conference in on Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology (CGYPSYS ’08), IISC, Bangalore, India. 2008.